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SDAP Merit Scholarships

The San Diego Alumnae Panhellenic Association (SDAP) is pleased to announce that merit scholarships are available to qualified female high school seniors who will, upon graduation, attend a four-year college or university in the US or Canada which has National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities/women's fraternities on campus. 

SDAP 2013 Scholarship Winners
SDAP 2013 Scholarship Winners

In order to be considered for these scholarship you must:

  • Complete the SDAP high school application
  • Provide a letter of recommendation
  • Provide your high school or college transcript (as applicable)
  • Plan to attend a four-year institution with Sorority/ Fraternity Life (high school)

The applications will be posted online once available. You may email with any questions.

Scholarship Application Availability & Deadline:

Applications are posted in January and must be mailed and received by April 15th to the Scholarship Chair (address on application). Materials needed for submission are noted on the scholarship application. Please follow the links on the upper left for more information and to find the applications.

Scholarship Interviews and Winner Selection Process:

If selected for further consideration, the scholarship committee will contact you for an interview. After interviews are complete, the scholarship committee will notify you if you are selected for as a scholarship winner or if you will be a runner-up winner. (A runner-up winner will receive the scholarship if the selected winner is unable to meet scholarship requirements in attending college the following fall semester or quarter.) Winners are required to show proof of enrollment at a qualified college or university. Checks will be mailed directly to the college or university.

Scholarship June Luncheon:

Scholarship winners, their family, or friends are invited to be honored at the June Scholarship Luncheon. It is held the first Saturday in June. Attending the luncheon is not a requirement for winning the scholarship. For more information, please see the SDAP calendar for details.

Meet the Previous Scholarship Winners:

Winners are asked to provide a photograph of themselves. A short biography about the scholarship winner is written by the scholarship committee and the scholarship winner. You can learn more about previous scholarship winners on the SDAP Scholarship website.





If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, you may do so via our PayPal link below. If you prefer to write a check, you may do so and request a mailing address at

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San Diego Alumnae Panhellenic 2010 Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Award winners honored at the June Scholarship Luncheon.

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