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Danielle Bradley

SDAP 2012 Scholarship Winner

Danielle Bradley Scholarship Winner 2012Danielle is graduating from Mount Carmel High School and plans to attend UC, Davis this fall. 

Danielle is a Varsity athlete in gymnastics, tennis, and cheerleading.  Her personal passion is for animal rights and helping to create political legislation for improving animal welfare. 

Danielle’s mother shared her daughter her love and involvement for the work of the Humane Society.  This snowballed from into attending a lobby in Sacramento and then to Washington, D.C.  Inspired, Danielle created the PARTTY Animals Club which stands for “Protecting Animal Rights Through Today’s Youth” which has been featured on the Animal Planet show “Must Love Cats”. 

Danielle notes her “ultimate dream career is to work for a non-profit animal rights organization to help write and pass laws that would protect animals from harm.”

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