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Michelle Ann Nido

SDAP 2012 Scholarship Winner

Michelle Ann Nido Scholarship Winner 2012Michelle is graduating from Valley Center High School. She is attending Creighton University this fall where she plans to study nursing. 

She is a varsity soccer player.  She has been active in many leadership and scholarship societies and won the San Diego Union Tribune All American Achievement Award. 

Michelle found her passion for elder care through being a hospice volunteer.  Michelle stated, “dignity for the elderly is important to me.”  As a sophomore, Michelle helped organized the “Hospice Teen Volunteer Program”. 

Committed to sharing her interest through recruitment activities, the program has expanded beyond her high school to 12 other high schools.  Where Michelle used to  actively recruit students to participate; they ask to be a volunteer. 

Michelle plans to obtain her an undergraduate and graduate degree in nursing with a focus on gerontology to continue her work in providing excellent elder care with dignity.

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