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Scholarship Winner Eric CoatesErin Coates

SDAP 2013 Scholarship Winner

Erin Coates is a copy editor for the Scripps Ranch Falcon Flyer and has participated as a member and leader of the Scripps Ranch cross country, track and soccer teams, and has earned the Girls Scouts Bronze Award. 

She has served her community as a volunteer with “Lose Your Training Wheels” teaching autistic children to bicycle, BEWISE (Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering) and as mentor and “big sister” to younger girls within her church community.   Erin runs a weekly bible study and takes her role as a mentor to other young women very seriously.

Her counselor at Scripps Ranch described Erin as a respected person in her school and community who is a genuine and positive role model.  

Erin has proved herself academically by juggling many extracurricular activities while earning a 4.1 GPA and was honored as a Scholar Athlete.    

She plans to study journalism at the University of Oregon.  Erin was recommended by Scripps Ranch HS Counselor Jane Morrill. 


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