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Pamela Miller 2013 Scholarship WinnerPamela Miller

SDAP 2013 Scholarship Winner

Pamela Miller has volunteered her time with Race for the Cure, the Surfrider Organization, Study Buddies, Project Morry, and JServe.  She is a member of the Torrey Pines High School varsity diving and gymnastics teams and is a coxswain for San Diego Rowing. 

Pamela has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement with a 3.96 GPA, bypassing regular physics to take AP Physics and mastering two years of national physics curriculum in one year. 

As a champion diver and gymnast, Pamela is incorporating her love of sports into her study of physics and the mechanical advantage of sliding seats in rowing shells, angular momentum in springboard and platform diving, and kinesiology in women’s gymnastics. 

Pamela will attend the University of Wisconsin where she plans to continue her interest in rowing.  She was recommended by Torrey Pines AP Physics teacher William Harvie. 


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