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Mackenzie Manns

SDAP 2014 Scholarship Winner

Mackenzie Manns 2014 Scholarship WinnerPersonal Statement

A laughter streak a mile long is what my name means and that is how I approach life. Leading  pep assemblies or making my teachers laugh I constantly strive to bring humor and reduce the stress of even the most serious moments of the day.  My number one goal in life is to become Secretary of State, to be the representative from our country who travels the world using the strengths of America to improve the lives of others.

From an early age I have always tried to put friendship ahead of personal gain, being the peacemaker for my friends. I was more interested in knowing that we shared positive experiences and made great memories than having things done my way. My time in high school has continued with the same service minded approach, taking time to help other players on my Volleyball team improve, hosting study groups and volunteering at several local charities including those that  help homeless and battered women.

Impressed with the results-oriented approach of the University of Alabama and even more important, the community feel of the school I will be a proud member of this years freshman class, Roll Tide!


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