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Natalie Rice

SDAP 2014 Scholarship Winner

Natalie Rice 2014 Scholarship WinnerNatalie Rice will be attending University of Washington-Seattle in the fall and plans to pursue a degree in the field of psychology. After moving from Texas to California five years ago, she has come to love and appreciate all that California has to offer but she is ready to start a new adventure in Seattle.

After many family trips in her childhood she has become enamored by the adventure that travel offers. Her most recent trip was during the summer of 2013 where she and a group of students embarked on a month long backpacking trip to Burma where they witnessed the culture and lifestyle of the people of Burma. The trip was eye opening and captured the essence of the simplicity of beauty.

Additional hobbies that Natalie enjoys include soccer and yoga. Natalie has been playing soccer since she was five and plans to pursue it in college. Along with sports, Natalie plans on participating in fall rush and is excited to form a community with her sorority sisters and fellow classmates.

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